British Star Couple Spencer Matthews and Vogue Williams Are Happy About A Girl

British Star Couple Spencer Matthews and Vogue Williams Are Happy About A Girl

British Star Couple Spencer Matthews and Vogue Williams Happy Are About A Girl. British reality actor Spencer Matthews and presenter Vogue Williams are anticipating their second child. But the road to happiness was again very tough. Reality TV star Spencer Matthes and British TV host Vogue Williams couldn’t be cheerful. After son Theodore, as the couple was anticipating a girl. The star couple declared this exclusively in the new edition of “Hello!”.

British Star Couple Spencer Matthews And Vogue Williams: Bumpy Road To Second Pregnancy

The star couple Spencer Matthews And Vogue Williams, who is in the fifth month her pregnancy. The star couple said they are excited and eager to enlarge their family. However, the path is not so easy. The Irish model had been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian or ovarian syndrome prior to pregnancy. This leads to an enlargement of the ovary due to the formation of cysts. 

A piece of very bad news for a couple who would like wishing for a child. The wish many times remains unfulfilled for many sufferers because ovulation usually cannot take place. Women have to undergo hormone therapy to have any chance of pregnancy.

It Is Very Hard To Believe Their Luck

Their luck is very hard to believe that it worked out for both of them.

“We are very happy,” explains Vogue. “It is so thrilling but frightening to think that we will have another newborn. There is no doubt that I am lucky to have another baby.”

Vogue speaks about that the couple had tried to become parents again last summer. If they declared the baby news to their firstborn in the third month of pregnancy, the expectant parents with baby number two now had enough time with a public comment due to the complications in advance.

“This time it was definitely another way for us,” Vogue reveals to “Hello!” “So it’s really feels amazing to be here and talk about it now.” 

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