Is Dieter Bohlen’s Comment On Xavier Naidoo-Disaster Enough

Is Dieter Bohlen's Comment On Xavier Naidoo-Disaster Enough

Is Dieter Bohlen’s Comment On Xavier Naidoo-Disaster Enough. After the jury kicked out of Xavier-Naidoo at DSDS. Many of us waited for the reaction of Dieter Bohlen’s, it came but not as we think-

I have to listen to everyone and get statistics and then I speak. There is so much rubbish written about it and I don’t get in line. Pop-Titan Dieter Bohlen addresses the fans after the dismissal of Xavier Naidoo. The Mannheim singer, who was sitting next to the Dieter Bohlen in the jury of the RTL casting show ” Deutschland Sucht den Superstar came under disapproval. For the questionable lyrics, and even ” criminal charges for suspected sedition ” taken against him. No wonder that not only the performance of the participants eagerly awaited in the DSDS live show on Saturday (March 14) but above all Dieter Bohlen’s answer to the Naidoo disaster.

Dieter Bohlen’s: “Some Of Them Messed Up”

Regarding Xavier Naidoo, two camps were setuped among the fans of the show: one side, which can understand RTL’s sacking, and the other, which just cannot. But both sides had to wait a long time for a reaction from the pop titanium. It was only after two hours of a show that Dieter Bohlen finally commented on the topic and said: “Before the show ends, I have to say something. I wanted to look at our candidates first. One thing is important to me: it is primarily about our singers. That got some mixed up. We’re not looking for the super juror, but the superstar. “

Pop-Titan Is Behind RTL’s Decision

Of course, Dieter Bohlen is right. It’s about the show and not the judge. Perhaps Bohlen does not want to go into further information in order not to provide his ex-colleague with an even bigger stage? Quite viable, but not really positive given the pent-up mood.

Bohlen continued: “My team is not someone from the jury. My team is RTL. I have been working for them for 18 years. We are doing an entertainment program. It is about entertainment, not about hate, not about agitation. That is why the whole team stands, the whole jury behind RTL’s decision. “

Dieter Bohlen’s Oppose Hatred And Distress But Without Speaking On Xavier Naidoo

In the last, Dieter Bohlen clear comment: No power for Hatred And Distress. But why he gives it in an unusual manner, almost Without any will is questionable.  He also takes a stand on the result That RTL has sketched, but not on Xavier Naidoo himself. Xavier Naidoo’s controversial clip shows a clear language, bag political correctness, and migrants. Why not take a stand on this? Naidoo’s former band “Die Söhne Mannheims”, many television stations and various celebrities did it – even Xavier’s hometown made a clear comment. But not Dieter Bohlen.

Dieter Bohlen Is Unusually Restrained

And that’s actually Embarrassment And ironically. In his songs, Xavier Naidoo talks of society simply watching and doing nothing, even though it is bullied by outsiders. The situation is same with Dieter Bohlen: the pop titan, who otherwise does not shy away from showing his opinion loudly, does not send a clear gesture with his comment – and somehow only looks on from the corner.

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