Can You Imagine Halloween Without Pumpkins And Radau
Can You Imagine Halloween Without Pumpkins And Radau

Not everyone can come to terms with the trend of Halloween, his terrifying horror mask. And hollow-out grimace pumpkin, and joke loudly on the eve of All Saints Day. This is the original Christian festivals that are imported into the United States by immigrant Irish. And then widely commercialized to Europe after the Second World War. In which he faded into the background of the Reformation festival celebrated by Protestants on the same day urgent.

In Beyenburg in the cemetery behind the monastery church. Parishes pastoral areas Barmen – Wupperbogen East together. With all those who feel addressed, celebrating Halloween “once again correctly”, ie without a pumpkin, trade, Radau, and horror, contemplative.

These include candles, instrumental and choral music as well as a short devotion on the eve of All Saints Day from 7:45 in the atmosphere of the atmosphere in one of the most beautiful cemeteries this Wuppertal.

Afterward, you invited to a cozy end with food and drinks at the funeral chapel. “We celebrate Halloween in this way for the second time and has thus achieved great success in previous years,” said the parish priest Martin Schlageter.

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