Oxa Is On Fire With Blood Appearance In
Oxa Is On Fire With Blood Appearance In "The Voice Of Germany"

Oxa Is On Fire With Blood Appearance In “The Voice Of Germany”. There was never any such thing in “The Voice of Germany”. Candidates Oxa wants to attract attention through his performance and caused a sensation with the production bloody.

In the black clothes that actually veiled singer, Oxa stepped on “The Voice of Germany” stage. He did hit “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga. But then 29 years of uninterrupted appearance and announce the message that not only gives goosebumps jury.

“Stop Killing My Brothers And Sisters”

While Oxa rendition of Lady Gaga, she took off her black costume and suddenly wearing tight, tight clothes neon colors. But that was not the only surprise of candidates has been prepared. Suddenly Oxa kneeling on the floor, the music stopped. He raised his head and the audience and the judges suddenly saw her face covered in blood.

“Stop killing my brothers and sisters,” the artist began the text in English. “If you want to change the world, change your attitude, we have started a long time, forced or ridicule,” then Oxa himself laughing. The whole performance of a singer you can see in our video.

“What a fabulous end performance,” said moderator Lena Gercke after this impressive performance. “What is it, fake blood?” He asked immediately. “A little blood, yes,” Oxa admitted. This song is very meaningful to her, she explained, and the jury enthusiastically. The fourth jury thanked Oxa with a standing ovation for this performance.

That Is What The Jury

Sido concluded that: “I often criticize that our talent here too much on it, but what I have to say. If on it, and then on top of it and that you understand and very well done” Rea Garvey said, “It is a statement, and I also believe that it should be how, and I believe that in the world we live in, it is not always easy to be Oxa, but should it. ”

Alice Merton also impressed: “It was incredible, we need you on the show, we need you in the world, we need a person who has a message and that stands for something.” Mark Forster, who was in the team Oxa was, it seemed touched by a prospective her: “You sing here today are most important to you, and you sing at every practice as if it were the first and last time it was touched deeply when someone uses the stage, the music, the melody, and the lyrics just make a statement, and I think it’s very cool and very grateful, “he said.

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Therefore, Forster also decided to continue to pick up the candidate and give him a chance to win. Oxa made it to the semi-finals thanks to their performance.


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