Selena Gomez New Song Addressed To Justin Bieber
Selena Gomez New Song Addressed To Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez New Song Addressed To Justin Bieber. In his new song “Lose you love me” Selena Gomez steer clear words for her first big love Justin Bieber. Fans feel with a beautiful singer.

New Song 23 Oct update: Its one that led to the world collapses news for many fans. Instead of his old girlfriend Selena Gomez (27), Justin Bieber (26) gave his last words to another woman last year. – Model Hailey Bieber (22). Actress Selena Gomez how to react to these shocks, one can only guess. Until now. In the new song, the beautiful singer opened and provides deep insights into the emotional world. One can be sure: These lines address to a former girlfriend, pop singer Justin Bieber.

Selena Gomez: Are these Lines Are Clearly Addressed To Justin Bieber?

“. I gave everything and everybody knows me and now you dropped out after two months you changed us – as if it had been so easy Made me think that I deserve it while I’m still healing ..” Selena Gomez singing in his new song ” Lose you love me “. Anyone who knows the story about her and Justin Bieber will soon know what the 27-year old offensive. He apparently refers to the final parting Justin Bieber, after which he quickly became engaged to Hailey Baldwin would own.

“I had to lose you to find me. […] I should hate to love yourself” is a line of text in the choir. We can only hope for Selena Gomez that he had not lost the love for himself – and soon find the same happiness as his ex-girlfriend.

Drama Love About Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez: Is He Still Loves Her Ex?

Los Angeles – Drama about Selena Gomez (26) and Justin Bieber (24): Since the singer hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital for nervous disorders, rekindled love chaos around the two stars. Trigger’s emotional disturbance is said to have a disappointment with her poor health. The singer, who suffers from lupus disease, hospitalized twice in two weeks the number of white blood cells is extremely low. It bothered her 26 years so that he fell asleep on the second visit to the hospital and tried to rip infusion access out of the arm.

Is The Reason For Neurological Disorders Selena Gomez Justin Bieber?

Many fans have a different theory: The trigger for the incident Justin Bieber Selena’s former wife and his new bride Hailey Baldwin (21) – or hurt Selena on it. Because Selena and Justin (Justin Bieber put an end to this: This message devastating fans) together “on and off” for seven years.

They share a lot of memories together and have grown up together. In 2011, they officially became a couple. After three years of relationship, they separated in 2014. Justin Bieber has the most beautiful women. Even this swarm of former adolescence can be very proud because these superhot photos prove.

At the end of 2017, there will be a comeback of love, but it did not last long. Already in February 2018, they have separated again. Justin lost time later and come on-off relationship very quickly. Because only a little later he was with the American model of Hailey Baldwin, nephew of Alec Baldwin, together. Even worse for Selena: The couple will involve in the summer and was supposed to get married in September.

Justin Bieber’s Involvement Makes It Difficult For Selena Gomez

Shortly after the engagement, It reported several times that Selena was missing ex-husband and that Justin and she will finish her wedding. For example, “HollywoodLife” said at the time that “Wolves” singer is always happy when she was with Justin and that he had always believed that one day she would marry him. The singer was her first and her great love. Just recently a friend caught Selena to see old photographs of her and Justin.

On Instagram, fans Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber make serious allegations.¬†Under a picture Justin posted of himself and his wife on August 16, some followers write: “Selena is much better,” “Erase it for Selena,” “Why did you choose it for her instead of Selena,” and “Selena always supported you and you hurt her so much “.

Other factors that could cause the problem is that the 26-year-old Hailey and Justin. A very open-minded about their relationship and constantly attract media attention. therefore it is quite realistic that the singer suffered from severe and that it could become a trigger collapse. One source told that it was ultimately a combination of things, including former and engagement.

Justin Bieber Suffered By Selena Gomez – Does She still Have Feelings For Him?

On Instagram, fans of Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber made a serious charge. Under the picture of Justin posted himself and his wife on August 16, some followers wrote: “Selena is much better,” “Erase for Selena,” “Why did you choose it for her, not Selena,” and “Selena always supported you and you hurt him so much “.

Justin Bieber did not leave the whole situation around his cold ex-boyfriend. Shortly after receiving the sad news about the state of health of his first love, he himself saw the horrific conditions in Los Angeles. In the photos, the singer looks slightly bent and hugged by a friend. Just a little later, she photographed sitting in the car beside Hailey and crying. According to “” difficult for the singer to hear news like Selena.

He, therefore, would have a hard week and was very distressed. Because the singer was part of her and she just wants her fine and happy. Apparently, he even felt guilty about the fact about his bad condition. Although the singer, according to a source at the time of this load of other things and she is happy with Hailey, the situation could be about Selena Gomez’s a real challenge for the wedding.

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