Vodafone : Problems With Vodafone Telephone And Internet Nationwide
Vodafone : Problems With Vodafone Telephone And Internet Nationwide

Problems With Vodafone Telephone And Internet Nationwide. Internet issues in Vodafone: Throughout Germany, Vodafone customers complained about the internet and the telephone on Wednesday night. All information about errors here.

Vodafone internet providers must fight on Wednesday night throughout Germany with the problem. Many users complained of problems with an internet connection or their phone system. As known on Thursday morning, the national problem by calling via a wired connection. Vodafone has caused by a flaw in the network router.

80,000 Households Were Affected

80,000 households affected, it took about six hours to fix the problem, said a spokesman for Vodafone. Meanwhile, engineers have solved the problem. internet connection, television. And the mobile phone network is not compromised, the spokesman said.

Problems With Vodafone Telephone And Internet Nationwide

The fact that users from all over Germany affected. Highlighting an error message on the page allestoerung.de makes clear. There, Vodafone users from all over the country complain of a major problem with the internet and telephone. For about 17 hours to accumulate report the problem, against 18 hours has received over 20,000 messages in the service. According to the provider, a total of about 80,000 households in Germany affected. It was not until 22:00 that the news of damage in Vodafone recedes again.

Also affected Vodafone customers from Swabia. For example, it reported some users from tampering Augsburg. Vodafone itself so far announced as follows: “At this moment possible failure in telephony via cable connection Vodafone”. From Vodafone also disorders hotline itself affected, named by the Internet Provider.

Internet damage:

It was the solution to this problem, according to Vodafone. According to Vodafone, however, the disorder affects only telephone service. Internet should also not work for customers, Vodafone recommended resetting the router’s power.

In addition to a disruption in Vodafone Telekom, a few hundred of customers complained online about the problems with their internet connection. Apparently, however, there are no technical difficulties in connection with Vodafone.

Vodafone (formerly Kabel Deutschland) informs on this page about the current problems and problems with their own services. (Lar)

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