Ingo Kantorek Documentary Stars His Mom's First Interview
Ingo Kantorek Documentary Stars His Mom's First Interview

Ingo Kantorek Documentary Stars His Mom’s First Interview. The first interview since his death! It has been two months since the actor Ingo Kantorek († 44) lost his life in a car accident. Stars “50667 Köln” is with his wife Suzana way home from vacation in Italy when a disaster occurs. He left not only family and friends, but also a lot of fans.

Now his mother and his sister Marion Carola spoke for the first time about the death. And not only that: his family reveals personal secrets about Ingo Kantorek, that nobody knows so far.

Ingo Kantorek: His Mother Spoke For The First Time Publicly

Documentary “Ingo Kantorek – A Life of Passion” broadcast by RTL2 on Wednesday night getting emotional. Very emotional. Because her mother Marion overcome with great strides with his daughter in front of the camera.

“It takes a stroke like a fortune to start thinking again. At some point, it was clear, make it or not. And I think, you can not escape as a mother. I can not let someone else talk. He’s probably sitting there above the clouds and said, ‘My mother did not say anything,’ “Mama Marion begins words.

Ingo Kantorek sister Carola is for sure: “He must have wanted it, he would have wanted us to tell about it.” Both are still in mourning, but ready. Ingo and likes to remain small. The Ingo, who he was as a boy.

Ingo kantorek: Mother And Sister Reveal Secrets

Marion: “As a child, he is sugar She was very nice, very dear, but only as long as he knows what words can do …”

Mama Marion likes to think of one thing. There Ingo 14 – and a big fan of the band’s music.

“There’s a band called ‘First Confusion General’. The name itself has been interested in him. One of the songs is called ‘I am Prince Charming’. He jumped around in the apartment and sing ‘My prince charming’, he was trapped, her prince charming,” said Marion.

It Ingo Kantorek:

  • Ingo Kantorek was born in 1974 in Ahlten near Hannover
  • He was known as a player in RTL2 reality soap opera “50667 Köln”
  • He played there starring Alex Kowalski
  • Previously she worked as a model
  • Kantorek sponsoring anti-fur campaign of Animal and launched the music project “Freedom”
  • On August 16, 2019, he died along with his wife in a car accident Suzana

Serial Star Describes Herself As a Good Person

Ingo series star Kantorek himself, on the other hand, has described himself as follows:. “When you read my CV, I really honestly If you see me, since the age of 12, I drive everything that has two wheels and me, have a lot of tattoos.”

As a prince fairy tale fans will surely remember him …

Ingo Kantorek: His fans have been waiting for this for a long time
On Wednesday night the fans could see Ingo Kantorek for the last time in “Köln 50667”. RTL2 last episode with him in the role of Alex. And there are real tears flowing.

It’s a scene that should not only interesting for the audience. His colleagues also shed bitter tears.

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Du verdienst jemanden, dich liebt und zwar mit jedem einzelnen Herzschlag. Jemanden, der ständig an dich denkt, der jede Minute im Gedanken bei dir ist und überlegt, was du machst, wo du bist und ob es dir gut geht. Du brauchst jemanden, der dir hilft, deine Träume zu verwirklichen. Jemanden, der dich vor deinen Ängsten beschützt. Du brauchst jemanden, der dich mit Respekt behandelt. Und alles an dir liebt, vor allem deine Fehler. Und genau eine solche Person ist der zweite Teil deiner Seele, wenn diese Person in dein Leben tritt, finden sich zwei Seelen, die füreinander bestimmt. Danke, das du all das, seit 20 Jahren, für mich bist @susanakantorek #Suzingo #truelove #forever #badboygentleman #loves #badbabygirl #armyofbbg #BBG #couplegoals #liebe #glaube #hoffnung #love #hope #peace #potd #qotd #milf

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It Happened In The Final Scene:

Alex (Ingo Kantorek) had a dispute with Patrick (Oliver Korte). The latter tells him to go home. Alex then turned around, followed by a hard cut. What you still can see is a blurred background with noise from above.

“Alex, you leave Cologne and us forever. We will miss you forever and never forget you. And all the memories that stay.”

Colleagues Wept Bitter Tears

Then you see this Kantorek Ingo colleague sitting around a table, remember the most beautiful moments with him. In the background is the most moving scenes with the late star. Killing tears – after acting is not visible here.

And finally the last words follow Ingo Kantorek: “Bye Cologne, you bitch!”

emotional farewell can be seen on Wednesday at 18.05 hours on RTL2.

But it was not enough. From 20:15 broadcaster dedicates the documentary “Ingo Kantorek – A passionate life” for the actor. Highlights of his life will be shown.

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