Destiny 2: Bungie's First Campaign In Third Life After Microsoft And Activision
Destiny 2: Bungie's First Campaign In Third Life After Microsoft And Activision

So that was the first campaign of Bungie’s in third life after Microsoft and Activision. I must say that it was … very impressive. Back to the Moon is something that I hope it’s one of the most atmospheric environment longevity Destiny had to offer, but it must be a replica of Fate level 1? So really directly and with all hiding intact? Of course, the area has been widened tidy and there are many moments in the atmosphere below the surface. But this is rare and far apart, while you get the assignment in the second (!!!) mission to kill 20 wild boar. Sorry, I mean, of course, do a dozen patrol missions, the equivalent of Destiny.

I have nothing against patrol, but they post content campaigns grinder when boredom is high and the players are not available. As a filler, they are a bit too obvious and, above all, they all emphasize again what is really bad about the Shadowkeep campaign. First of all, not least because pacing bumpy, but also for almost any plausible reason, do not close the Forsaken campaign. So close to each other which is particularly noticeable.

Then There’s The Laziness Bungie Again – At This Point

I have no other name for it – to offer us in the three Destiny 2 no new enemy faction. Nightmare – the famous opponent now glowing red – that’s it: the enemy Old Guard afraid, fierce combat things like witches now slightly larger than normal counterparts, boss. Another boss shameless recycling of all runtime stages of Destiny. Unfortunately not great, cool enemies, but many giants, big knights and stuff like that. And finally … At first, I did not think it was that. Of course, thanks to hard work, endless hours, but it was all so unceremonious that I do not consider it a temporary end to the full. And it,

So Bungie Is Very Fortunate That The Mechanism Behind The Gameplay-

It is so solid that I could easily fall into the mental mode which is usually reserved for a time after the campaign: Providence-Baller happiness. It still plays like a dream. Weapons and movement harmonize perfectly with the pad, it is a symbol of the console shooter. Or PC with the elite controllers attached to it.

Additionally, Bungie seems to want to be a little more generous with the loot from under Activision before and soft-cap 900 – starting at 750 light levels, which are all items you raised – achieved relatively quickly created. But I had the most fun again with all the things I’ve done dozens of times, for example, had to restart several times during the boss fight my level, because I deliberately playing solo.

With friends were also fun and, above all, much easier, but that’s the point: to know that no one can save ten minutes or more intense non-stop bouncing makes victory all the sweeter. This is the moment I play Providence for and there are many of them. But it has nothing to do with Shadowkeep. I play Destiny and they are plentiful. But it has nothing to do with Shadowkeep. I play Destiny and they are plentiful. But it has nothing to do with Shadowkeep.

This Is In Contrast With The Revisions Armor System-

which forces you to at least pay attention to what you are carrying, such as align sets even more and, above all, Adjusting make a big step towards a real RPG. Finally, I could cut all my equipment in auto-shotgun, bow, and move quickly and load times grenade, and really make some bonuses here and there in the proper direction. How far that goes, it’s still too early, but in the game with the running time, it is a right step in the direction that I do not care much about what exactly I wear now, the main thing, the level of the Right.

Not so good, but in the end to this game of some kind seems inevitable at this time was the Battle Pass. Spend the money, of course, only after Season 8, the first pass already in Shadowkeep – true old motto “free, all the cool kids First somebody took ’em …” – and you always get a little something extra, practically does not matter how you play. activity itself, its own season XP, its own season rewards.

For 10 euro per season which now seems all within the framework of cost-benefit meant for dedicated players, but still: It stores Eververse now so close to the main menu still chaotic slip and not its presence in the tower to time, make people have a little uneasy, respect proposed transaction’s upcoming Bungie. Just take a look, whether they want to or need to be greedy at one point in the future. At least not yet.

The Raid Was The Vex

Obviously, this is not a complete test for a new attack that began to disintegrate and everything has turned into a flow concept anyway. The Raid was the Vex and they’re doing something with their gardens again. Sure, why not. No need to start getting the news in the attack now, I guess. It should be clear that if this is a complete test, partly covered here will not always get a recommendation. But the missions and tasks that are too close to what you’ve done enough. I would have expected a little wit.

With Shadowkeep, Bungie does not just make an ideal start to the new self-direction of its endless epic shooter. This campaign can be considered one of the weaker today. If you play well, you play it, but I will never buy Shadowkeep for it. I want to say “at least it was better than the patrol,” but you play too many patrols as part of the campaign. What happens under the hood is much more important and new weapons systems are an important step towards loots less relevant.

Customization of equipment in relation to the style of play and the possibility of making the leap tidy, as well as the possibility of monetization for Bungie. Eververse is as close to you as usual and despite the Battle Pass looks like a solid case for the moment – I prefer a higher base price with more predictability, but it’s not my world or Bungie stay in again. Shadowkeep is a little slippery step into the future somewhat uncertain. Let’s see where it goes.



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