Fortnite German Patch Notes

Epic Games released the patch notes for the new update Fortnite 10.40.1. The update is ready after the off time being: Servers are offline since this morning. With “Against Time”, developers announced a new bonus mission for Season 10: The gun will fall 8 October – the time is also available. In Battle Royale, Fortnite Patch 10.40.1 Lapidation moves the gun of the vault. Also, season 10 is extended. What changes too – even save the world and the creation mode

The German Patch Notes For 10.40.1 Updates Are Online.

The patch is available for download after the time out being: Fortnite servers are offline since this morning. Shortly, the servers must return and let Fortnite play again as usual. Changelog developers have all the changes and innovations that new players patch. Epic Games announced a new bonus mission for season 10 on Battle Royale with “Against Time”. The mission will begin October 8, 15 hours. The schedule is for October 13, for 20 hours. Complete goals to earn rewards at the end of the season, including XP, cosmetics, and 10 loading screen season.

In the patch notes for the update Fortnite 10.40.1, developers also announced that the season 10 Battle Royale will be extended by one week. The end should now be scheduled for October 13. Moreover, Gotham City and the package “Masked Avengers Batman” will available until the end of the season. Also, the Wars Desert area, Vortex, Coliseum, and river rafting have been merged into two LTM. To complete the update with bug fixes and other optimizations in Battle Royale. This treaty is a problem with the level of the continuous broadcast that had existed since the update last week

Fortnite Update 10.40.1 – Save The World And In Creative Mode

In creative mode, you will discover a new finished article after downloading the patch Fortnite 10.40.1. The meteorite object consists of all the rocks and meteorites galleries particle, which were packed here in a complete set. Also, three new objects meteorites galleries, core meteorites, and meteorite particles were added. To save the world, the new update also brings Fortnite innovations.

Here’s how to help you achieve the BEAT-Bot radio station this week. Complete the order to secure the loading screen “Road to Summer” in your locker. In the weekly shop hammer lands “Wummerwaffe”. The hammer offers strong attack speed with an excellent impact. With heavy attack “low turnover”, the gun smashes the ground and emits a series of sound pulses. The hammer is available from 3rd to 10th October in shops.

Morbid The shovel also back to the weekly shop Fortnite. The bucket has a rounded tip. The heavy attack “double strike” causes considerable damage. The shovel will be available in the weekly shop from October 10 to 17. There are bug fixes and performance adjustments. For example, a 10.40.1 patch made general CPU optimizations Nintendo Switch. The changes are intended to improve the frame rate in elaborate scenes.

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