Apex Legends Season 3
Apex Legends Season 3 Patch Notes : New Upgraded Arms And Testing

Apex Legends’ third season began on October 1, 2019, not only important latest changes such as Crypto eleventh legend introduced. The new map Age of the world and the next battle neck came into play, but also a number gameplay customizations. The developer Respawn has published the completed patch notes.

Also, at the beginning of the season named Meltdown. There are several adaptations of legends themselves, balancing arms and objects and classes of bug fixes and quality of life changes.

See The Apex Legends  Season 3 Changes


All legends

  • Executioner Perk: Former advantage of the golden armor is now a passive skill of all legends. Each time you run a finisher, your shield will be fully charged.


  • Dome Shield: Players in the use of the shield health products 25% faster, the shield can be discarded 60% more, and the cooldown has been increased from 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Bombardment defensive: can be thrown further 36%, which reduces the period of 8 to 6 seconds and reduce the charging time of 4.5 minutes to 3 minutes.


  • Eye of the Allfather: activation time is 33% faster and now gives you the number of scanned targets.
  • Beast hunt: The activation animated works 30% faster. The speed bonus has been increased from 25% to 30%.


  • Rolling Thunder: Damage increased from 20 to 40.


  • Dimensional Rift: Will not be repositioned if you are disassembled before installation.


  • Grapple: The projectile of the hook is 33% slower.
  • Zip: charging time increases from 90 seconds to 120 seconds.



  • Old magazine size: 18/22/26/30
  • The new size of the magazine: 18/20/23/27
  • The recoil pattern is more random.

PDW Prowler

  • The recoil pattern is a bit more random.

Longbow DMR

  • Firing rate: Decreased 1.6 to 1.3.
  • Multiplier damage to the leg list: Deduction of 0.9 to 0.8.

Scout G7

  • Damage increased: 30 to 34.


  • Increased damage: 18 to 22.


  • Less dispersion.
  • Faster Restores.


  • Horizontal recoil Decrease.
  • Digital wireless (Golden Visor).
  • Damage reduced: From 21 to 19.

Apex Legends New golden Arms

  • Old golden arms completely disappear and are replaced by a new set.
  • Flatline: With visor 1x-2x.
  • EVA-8: With 1x Visor threat.
  • Triple Threat Take 4x-10x Sight.
  • G7 Scout: 2x-4x visor.
  • Charge Rifle 4x 10x Threat Visor.

Apex Legends New Objects

  • Rounds of abducted disruptor.
  • Skullpiercer removed Stripes.
  • Anvil new receptor assay: To Flatline and R-301. Level 4. Strengthens once. More damage, but a lower rate of fire and ammunition consumption (2 balls per move).
    New Double Tap Trigger test: To Scout G7 and EVA-8 car. Level 3. Each shot fired two bullets.

Apex Legends – The Expendables

  • Ultimate accelerants: load from 20% to 35%. Spawn 40% less often.
  • Backpack bag of gold: New Perk guardian angel. members of the team Reliving spawn with more life and shields.
  • Golden Armor now has the Perk quick use. Get healing products used twice as fast.
    Quality of life
  • Random selection of loading screens.
  • Ping wheels extended intro to equip and kill jeers.
  • For new pictorial Legends Call us now when it is attacked by a third team.
  • Several emotes Skydive can fit.
  • The daily challenges should now give you a maximum of one to a legend that you do not.
  • The daily challenges give you up to one job for each legend.
  • If Mirage is not a jumpmaster, his models go where they order them instead to follow the path.
  • Improving the readability of the user interface.
  • When taking new arm attachments of your past attached to your new arm.
  • And the Previous Arm also transferred to your second Arm.
  • There are also several bug fixes that you

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