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For the release of Destiny, 2 has more than 200,000 players on Steam but plagued by the problem server. However, the ratings are positive.

Yesterday, Free2Play version on Steam in conjunction with the extension. The release was a bit bumpy because of the server problems. The number of players and the first reactions in the review shows positive signs.

What Were The Problems?

Around 10:00 pm yesterday, Destiny and Fate 2 having connectivity issues with servers on all platforms. Bungie has already solved the problem tonight.

How did numbers look like for release?

However, before the server problem, the free version of Destiny 2 features an impressive high on Steam in terms of the number of players. Last night, according to the Steam Charts, more than 200,000 concurrent players currently online playing Fate 2. Even players on the PS4 and Xbox One even count.

This means that only CS: GO and more popular from Providence 2 on Steam last night. At this time, Destiny 2 is still in fourth place with more than 140,000 active players behind PUBG, DOTA 2 and CS: GO.

That’s What The Players Have To Say About Fate 2 On Steam

Reviews for Destiny 2 on Steam at this time in 8234 and “mostly positive”. Specifically, 76 percent of reviews are good things.

Praise For The Transfer, Gameplay, And Content

ActustheKaktus, for example, praised the smooth moves and demonstrate an understanding of the problem server to release:

“Moving from Battlenet to Steam to run smoothly, it is targeted, that you can play from 19 am -. From 19:07 I could into the game and for about 10 minutes at the loading screen/hold. has been in over a hundred wonderful hours spent in the game and now [Fate 2] finally on Steam. By extension, Shadowkeep nice memories from the first part to come, in which I am immersed in Providence Kosmos even about 2500 hours. That

The game has been continuously improved and yes with some DLC I think, it’s worth the money? Yes, the ghost / a different opinion, but I’m glad to have new content + it on Steam!

Anyone who leaves a bad review here, because the server is not available or you have to wait a bit – never try to come to the server with the new WoW addon? Yes, of course, it’s annoying that you can not gamble direct but not even 5h game on Steam.

Wait a moment, in 1-2 days, all of them have settled in and can loot, grind and explore the new () area with friends can start. “

Most of the reviews at this time came from players who are already playing on or in the console and return to the Free2Play version. In general, a wide range of content offered by Destiny 2 with PvE, PvP, Campaigns, strikes, raids, and more praise.

Gunfight came away positive, as well as the purchase price. Because of Destiny 2 is now free and contains two DLC first, you have to do is pay the Forsaken and Shadowkeep. A fair offer for what you get, how many players find.

Destiny 2 : Criticizing Issue-level Servers And Power Boost

Most of the negative reviews related to server failure yesterday. Players unload their frustrations in the review and warned to start playing until the issue is resolved.

Among other things, there is a criticism of the content of all the players automatically start with power levels of 750, the maximum level before. The maximum level and then at 900. Some of the players have the feeling that this is a tedious Grind, which they themselves have come to this level, is devalued.

Others feel that the new players are thrown into the gaming world without a lot of contexts and without experience the same fate as before. Bungie wants to achieve it according to their own statements, that many players as possible can easily play together to launch, without disturbing their level.

Some players also recommend watching free wareframe. Overall, however, a positive sound, especially if you exclude the criticism in relation to the problem server and only refer to the game itself.

Destiny 2: The First Impression Of Shadowkeep

Even under a separate store page of DLC Shadowkeep, some players were upset about the launch bumpy. Overall, the reviews were “very positive”.

Prizes include new weapons systems, a Transmog system, as well as new campaigns and activities in the DLC. It also shows that Destiny 2 is having fun with friends in co-op.


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